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Double Charged Vitrified Tiles
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Full Body Vitrified Tiles
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Maps Granito
Maps Granito presents to you a distinctive way of enhancing your decor aesthetics; we bring to you panache is driven double charge vitrified tiles. With strength being their foundation pillar, these tiles come with a promise of eternal durability. They stay loyal not only to your space but also to your style statement as their surface luster too is infinitely gorgeous and appealing.
Product Features.

Use of finest raw materials - purified, tested and certified by R&D.

Use of advanced German technology with fully computerized controlled kiln.

Use of eco - friendly natural gas residues for better shine and Glossiness.

High - tempered firing with hygienefriendly production process.

A collection with a distinctive metallic flavour
Double Charged Vitrified Tiles.
Vitrified tiles are ideal for multiple spaces due to the double layer pigment printing that gives them color permanence and fundamental strength. Wear and tear resistant nature and alluring surfaces of these tiles are beyond beautiful. They stay loyal not only to your space but also to your style statement as their luster too is infinitely gorgeous and appealing.
Simplicity is a forever classic
Full Body Vitrified Tiles.
Neo full body tiles are ideal for floors, facades & create uniform surfaces exuberating glam, style & toughness. These full body vitrified tiles have pigment in entire body (thickness) of the tile. This makes chips and scratches less noticeable and make this an ideal choice for high traffic zones.
Our exports
Universal Market.
Maps Granito exports spread across an ever growing network of more than 10 countries. Maps has spread its wings ahead to deliver its best product globally.We have been exporting to a number of countries and we know that every country has a different set of rules for imports.
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